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We want to bring the state of Kansas together to celebrate the essence of African American culture in an annual four-day Gala and Fest featuring music artists, creatives, impactful speakers, businesses, vendors, and much more. We will provide a welcoming space for everyone to experience the joys, history, and identity of African American culture through the arts.


For the Culture KS will create a safe and inclusive space for African Americans to celebrate and appreciate their culture, art, and traditions.
The Gala and Fest are designed to bring people of all backgrounds together to highlight the essence of Black excellence. 

Meet the Team

This group of change makers have been dedicated to organizing the inaugural Fest

FTC Team.png

For The Culture KS Board

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

FTC KS has exceptional Board Members who bring a level of knowledge, experience, and prominence to the organization.

Together we can: Rejoice in the past - Embrace the present - Inspire the future.

We are grateful and invite you to join us as we celebrate For The Culture KS Fest.

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